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For the season finale of Ally McBeal Christina participated in several episodes by the end, and here are screencaptures from them all!

The gallery has been updated with screencaptures from the guest episode of Christina in the series Joey.

Gina is meanly jealous, Joey eager about a visit from their spoiled younger sister Mary Teresa, Michael can’t even remember her. Foxy tropical fish clerk Joelle brings a black light for his aquarium home, obviously interested in Michael, but he won’t let her into his room, clearly oblivious she’s attracted; Joey refuses to tip him as pressure has always back-fired. The black-light proves the diamond engagement ring Mary Teresa got from her fiancĂ©, water-bed salesman Walter, is fake, to Gina’s delight, but kid sister decides to move in and live at Joey’s expense. She assumes Alex is a stealing maid and ‘fires’ her, drives even Glen so crazy he wants to quit, so Joey buys her a real ring ‘from Walter’; she still won’t return, until Gina… After Joelle came ask Michael to watch a meteor shower but backed off when he suggested to ask Seth too, Alex tells him against Joey’s advice, gets kissed ‘once’ herself, Michael calls his admirer but puts both feet in his mouth at every sentence…

19 Feb 2018
By Claudia • 0Appearances

I went adding a few missing events and photos from various years. Take a look!

Both sections of Photoshoots and Magazines have been filled with many additional images, take a look and enjoy!

Going through the gallery I started adding what’s missing and working on the television projects category now.
Here are caps from Christina’s very short scene in Malcolm in the Middle.